Message from President

On wings of trust and ties

As The Keihin Co., Ltd. Group’s airfreight forwarder, Keihin Airfreight Co., Ltd. has played an important role in the group’s comprehensive logistics business since its founding, by providing services worldwide with the use of a global network that covers every corner of the globe.

In a time when circumstances surrounding us are changing rapidly and drastically both in Japan and overseas, we aim to constantly provide customers with better services.

We strive each day to make quality improvements so as not to miss current changes and to build organizations to deal with them quickly. This is because we are always thinking first and foremost of offering conveniences to our customers and endeavoring to realize the idea of “providing logistics services that customers welcome and rely on”; this has not changed a stitch since our beginning.

Making the best of the expeditiousness enjoyed solely by airfreight transporters, we will continue to make efforts to contribute to the realization of a world where its people can all lead happy and prosperous lives.

Please hold great expectations of Keihin Airfreight’s future.

PresidentMotoyasu Sasaki