Keihin Airfreight Co., Ltd., a member of The Keihin Co., Ltd. Group, provides high-quality international airfreight services.

As an airfreight forwarder and an International Air Transport Association (IATA)-certified airfreight agent, we boast a history of more than 30 years and as many years of experience in handling airborne shipments internationally. And along the way, we have also built trusting relationships with customers. Through making ourselves well-positioned to customer needs and by making the best of those many years of experience, we handle international air import/export shipments to/from Japan today.

In 1999, we obtained a certificate of compliance with the ISO9002 (nowadays revised as ISO9001:2015) international standard on quality management in logistics. Since then, this certification has been discontinued as it has become more established as our quality system.We have since provided customers with security and trust as well as international air cargo transport services that have earned solid satisfaction. We make utmost efforts to meet the various needs of customers by transporting airfreight to many cities around the world safely and quickly without fail.

Airfreight Transport

Direct Cargo Transport

As a cargo agent affiliated with the IATA, we make arrangements for airfreight transport according to airlines’ transport terms and conditions, freight rates and operation schedules. Through these efforts, we propose fast and certain transport routes that meet the needs of each customer. Even to destinations that are not covered by consolidation services, we could move shipments to designated international airports, as long as there are airlines and/or airfreight services that cater to them.

Consolidation Cargo Transport

We operate consolidation services to transport air cargo from Japan to major cities in the United States, Europe and other Asian economies. Our network is made up of local affiliates, representative offices and major agents that together cover every corner of the world. Its scale and quality legitimizes it as a global network.

Door-to-door Service

Having formed a business alliance with a U.S. forwarder, we boast a global network that includes as many as 140 cities in the world. In handling exports, we pick up shipments at locations designated by customers in Japan and deliver them to foreign consignees. In processing imports, we receive cargo from overseas shippers to Japanese customers, meeting requests from both sides. We arrange seamless transport routes that contribute to speeding up customers’ business operations.

Customs-clearance Service

With our many expert staff members, we offer a speedy customs-clearance service. We quickly and successfully handle the series of procedures for dealing with imported cargo—picking up shipments, clearing customs inspections and arranging domestic transport services—and exports—collecting cargo from shippers, passing inspections and entrusting it to airfreight carriers. Our staff members are also responsible for estimating various costs for air cargo transport, making through-transit service operations for exports and imports, and producing documents pertinent to foreign exchanges and trade control that need to be submitted to government ministries and agencies. We can submit applications for plant quarantines and food inspections on behalf of our customers for faster operations.